June 25, 2009

Top Chef Masters - The Ludo and Rick Show

Rick Bayless
Top Chef Masters delivered another great show tonight pitting a true "teacher's pet" against the the "bratty French kid." That is, Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill in Chicago vs. Ludo Lefebvre of Ludo Bites.

Of course there was also Cindy Pawlcyn, Queen of Napa Valley, and Wilo Benet - the king of Puerto Rican cuisine...but Ludo and Rick stole the show.

Taking over for Wylie this week...Ludo was a mad frenchman in the kitchen - a classic know it all, who in the end apparently didn't know as much as he thought...

See my Top Chef Examiner report for more details on Episode 3 of TCM in what is turning out to be a great sister sibling to Top Chef.

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