June 8, 2009

Midtown Lunch Craze - Kogi Truck Stops By for 1 hour

Dessert Truck
It was craziness at the Kogi Korean BBQ truck stop today on 55th and Lexington. Borrowing the Dessert Truck for the afternoon, the Kogi crew set up to serve kimchi quesidilla to a hungry crowd that rivaled the sample sale crowds I'm used to.

Line for Kogi BBQI arrived at just shy of 11:30am for the 12pm - 1pm Kogi truck to a line already 20-30 people deep. By the time 12pm rolled around, the line must have had in excess of 100 people. Quite the scene for 55th and Lex!

It was an interesting crowd - food trucks are where main street meets wall street I suppose, with suits lined up next to students and free lancers able to endure the long wait.

The offering was a $4 Kogi + Dessert Truck duo - a bit pricier than the expected $1-2. But nevermind that - it all went to City Meals on Wheels so no complaints from me.

Kogi Kimchi quesidillaYour $4 bucks got you 2 small slices of quesidillas filled with kimchi. A little underwhelming if you ask me - I was expecting some kalbi! But maybe that was asking for too much. We'll have to wait for them to roll into town full time for that. The kimchi quesidilla was a nice idea though - probably easily executable at home. You can bet I'll be trying that recipe soon!
Dessert Truck Chocolate Mousse
For dessert - I was impressed. It was a chocolate mousse with peanut butter center and caramel popcorn on top.

This was a perfect complement to the spicy kimchi. It was sweet without being overpowering, light and cold for a summer day (although the overcast skies made me forget we were in June!)

All in all - I'd say it was worth the trek once - although with only 200 available, I'm not sure everyone in line left satisfied. Oh well - they will be in Rockefeller center this afternoon.

Happy Kogi hunting!


wheresmykogi said...

Thanks Yummyinthecity- great, balanced review!

I totally agree- dessert was way above expectations and I will definitely be frequenting Dessert Truck in the future- good enough to impress a date!

As for this Kogi Truck fanfare that has engulfed the NYC foodie landscape, I was expecting Kobe Bryant to be cooking and Megan Fox to be serving the classic Korean BBQ/Mexican themed eats as its debut in New York. I'm from Los Angeles, and I had hyped it up to my friends and colleagues...wow, did I look like an idiot. I'm equally underwhelmed and just unsure who in charge at Kogi decided to: a) limit it to 200 servings, yet allow some of the early customers to buy up to 4:1 servings:customer in line ratio- I'm not a Rhodes Scholar, but I'm pretty sure that violates the pre-school definition of fair...let alone pissing off the hundred or so people who invested time to show up to return to the office emptyhanded; b) serve an item that isn't even on its primary menu and is just plain ordinary- creative points sure combining quesadilla and kimchi, but not a "wow" dish- to a crowd in NY that is used to flavorful, smile-inducing food from its food trucks. I understand that price may be sensitive, but charge a few more dollars and serve your signature dish. Don't show up to pick up your prom date on your Huffy bike! You're serving in midtown New York- even with all the financial chaos, you won't lose out on volume.

I know Kogi is expected to launch in New York formally by the end of the summer- I'm sure the competition is breathing a sigh of relief after this weak debut...

Anonymous said...

hey wheresmykogi, I picked up my prom date on my Huffy bike, what's wrong with that?

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