June 30, 2009

Calling all "Lola Fabrikants" out there - Carl's Jr. Casting Call

Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. advertisement
So I just finished reading Candace Bushnell's "One Fifth Avenue" on my plane ride back from Los Angeles last week.

Out on paperback now, it was the perfect frothy read for a plane ride - a great "pink book."

In any event - Lola Fabrikant is a character in the book - this young 22 year old moving to the big city from the south seeking fame and fortune as quick as possible, i.e. either by marrying rich or gaining notoriety.

You know - the same reason we all came here right? Just kidding...hehe

Anyhow - now all the "Lolas" out there have their big shot! Carls Jr is looking for new burger babes to hawk their burgers all over the Internet - you too could be the next Audrina or Padma or Paris biting into a juicy $6 burger!

Hurry up girls - you have until July 12 to upload your video for consideration. Make it a juicy one!

You could win a free trip to Las Vegas + $1,000.

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