May 26, 2009

Whym - An Eatery Up the Block

Whym Restaurant
Whym is by the owners that brought us Eatery, down the street on 53rd and 9th Ave.

The menus are very similar, as is the decor - with Whym seeming to target a slightly older demographic.

In any event, the two restaurants are very close in aesthetic and taste, leaving one to question why open two locations just 5 blocks apart?

Whym serves up a mighty good burger - again similar to the Eatery burger.  What makes it so tasty is the grilled bun, which really brings out the flavor of the sesames on the bun.

The burger comes solo so be careful when the waiter asks "Would you like any additional toppings with your burger?"  These are not free - actually far from it.

I added pepperjack cheese and mushrooms - and boom, the burger went from $11.95 to $15.45.

$3.50 for two toppings?  Seems a bit egregious, right?

On the other hand, the baked chicken pot pie is topped with a generous helping of cheese.

Kind of makes you wonder why they couldn't throw it in for free on the burger).

The gravy is the perfect thickness - just enough to make you comfortable full.

One twist on the pie is the added chorizo, which adds a nice sweetness to the overall flavor.

Overall Whym is a good choice if you live in the area, but certainly not a "destination" restaurant.  One thing to note, Whym does serve weekend brunch. Favorites include the Blue Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes and Biscuit and Eggs - served on cheddar biscuits that rival the Red Lobster ones.  And that's saying a lot, if you know what I mean...

And judging by the crowds tonight, I think the owners may have been a little too enthusiastic opening a clone of Eatery just up the street.

It seems as though one Eatery was enough.

Whym Restaurant
889 9th Ave (Between 57th and 58th)


LKPheartsfood said...

Hi! Found your blog through Foodbuzz. I actually like Whym BETTER than Eatery! Go figure!

Unknown said...

Hi! Yeah, I think I like Whym more too - doesn't seem to have gained the same kind of popularity of Eatery for some reason though.. could be the awkward location?

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