August 28, 2008

Eatery - A Hell's Kitchen Twist on the Diner

EateryEatery on 9th Ave. is a Hell's Kitchen staple serving up comfort and diner food with a twist. Asian chicken salad with wonton crisps?
Always a favorite for the banker girls who frequent the place after work.

Other classics include the Mac'n'Cheese with crispy fried onions and the Eatery Burger- nice and tasty with grilled bun - but beware, want to top it with your favorite choice of cheese? - goat? mozzarella? bleu? Extra cost = $1.50!

The crowd is an eclectic mix of investment bankers grabbing a bite after work, to struggling off-Broadway actors meeting to dissect latest auditions, to the locals who remain loyal to one of the first hot restaurants on 9th Ave.

Save room for dessert- the E-Wich, a huge chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream sandwich with chocolate and caramel sauce....yumm....

Come for Brunch as well - the E-Benne, Eatery's take on eggs benedict served on a vegetable potato cake is delicious. For those with a sweet took, French Toast with chocolate and bananas and a cream cheese filling - served with vanilla ice cream to boot, will have you swearing off sweets for the next week!

Eatery also sports a hip cocktail bar, serving up everything from mango mojitos to sangria. In the summer, score a seat on the sidewalk and watch the fashion show that is the diverse Hell's Kitchen crowd.

798 9th Ave. New York, NY

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