September 7, 2008

Delicatessen: Deli Food for the Hip and Glamorous

DelicatessenDelicatessen is a new restaurant that just opened this summer down in Soho, cashing in on the concept of "done up comfort food."

It has a similar feel to the owners' other restaurant, Cafeteria down in Chelsea, in that it serves up casual food in a trendy and hip environment, charging higher prices than your average corner deli.

Delicatessen is located at Prince and Lafayette, making it a perfect place for local Soho and Nolita residents to meet up after a long night on the town. I like it more as a brunch or lunch spot, rather than a dinner date...although there is a small bar located downstairs which probably sees a lot of after-hours action.

The food ranges from classic NYC deli fare including a take on the pastrami sandwich, to international "street foods" like a surprisingly tasty Vietnamese sandwich with ground pork and jalapenos. Sides include anything from the inventive paprika dusted onion rings to classic diner dishes like peas and carrots - which unfortunately tasted a lot like the frozen dinner variety.

The scene is typical NYC/Miami hip restaurant - open air, white space, and beautiful people. Since it recently opened, there are some of the typical problems with service and seating which should be ironed out as time goes by. Prices are steep for deli food, but reasonable relative to other NYC hip eateries.

My advice though- While Delicatessen is an attempt to replicate the success of Cafeteria, I believe it falls short to its predecessor. Cafeteria will remain my go-to place when I want classic comfort food with my girlfriends. The food is better, the ambiance slightly less pretentious, and the wait is shorter.
(picture from NY Post)

54 Prince Street, New York, NY

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