May 22, 2009

Top Chef Masters Coming June 10th!

Top ChefHooray for Bravo - get your DVR ready for the Top Chef spin-off- "Top Chef Masters" which pits 24 world renown chefs such as NYC's Wylie Dufresne of wd 50 and Anita Lo of Annisa in head to head elimination challenges. Meet the Top Chef Masters contestants go to Bravo TV.

The format of the show differs from the original "Top Chef" in that this time the winnings go to charity.

There will be money at stake in each episode with elimination winners awarded cash prizes to be donated to their charity of choice. Nice job Bravo + chefs!

Here is how it will go -

Episodes 1-6: 4 chefs compete in each episode to determine a winner
Episodes 7-11 - the six chefs compete against each other to name the final Top Chef Master who will be awarded $100,000 to charity of choice!!

Whew...thank goodness for Top Chef Masters - a breath of fresh air during the traditional summer re-run time.

P.S. I will be posting reviews of Top Chef Masters for as their "Top Chef Examiner." More details to come!

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