May 23, 2009

Brooklyn Bowl = Bowling + Blue Ribbon + Brooklyn Brewery!

Brooklyn BowlThere has been a lot of hype surrounding the opening of Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg.

Set to open sometime next month, Brooklyn Bowl joins the crowded bowling space (Gutter is just a couple blocks nearby) as well as the ample bowling alleys in Manhattan.

What separates Brooklyn Bowl from the rest is that it is huge. We are talking massive. 20,000 sq. ft.
  • 16 lanes of "high tech" bowling (digital speed of roll shown on projectors + energy efficient pin-pickup)
  • 8 HD screens
  • Huge stage (with a second floor green room)
  • Blue Ribbon restaurant
  • DJ area + bar
Brooklyn Bowl will be serving up the goods from Blue Ribbon and satisfying the thirst buds with Brooklyn Brewery (next door!) as well as other local Brooklyn brewers.

Cost isn't going to be cheap - this isn't your Port Authority Bowl.

$30-$50/hour + $3 shoe rentals. I guess given the steep per hour price - shoe rentals are 1/2 the price of comparable places.

Keep in mind though - everything is brand new! Virgin bowling balls and no stinky old shoes!

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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