May 24, 2009

Mermaid Inn - My Vote For Best Lobster Sandwich!

Mermaid InnNo need to travel all the way up to Maine for tasty lobster rolls - Mermaid Inn delivers in a big way both downtown and uptown.

With locations in the East Village and the Upper West Side, Mermaid Inn is the go-to place for fresh fish, oysters, and of course the lobster sandwich.

Chunks of lobster in light mayo, overflowing on a grilled bun (smothered in butter I think) + old bay fries - in my humble opinion Mermaid Inn bests both Pearl's Oyster Bar and Ed's Lobster Bar.

Given the lobster roll is a lobster sandwich here - the larger bun means more room for lobster!

If you aren't big on lobster - go for the sauteed skate or the pan roasted mahi-mahi. Both are quite light and flaky - and most all Mermaid Inn succeeds in eliminating the dreaded "fishy" taste.

If you are an oyster fan - Mermaid Inn offers both East and West Coast oysters.

Finally, interestingly Mermaid Inn does not have a dessert menu.

Before you have an outburst of rage at the idea of no dessert...the restaurant surprises you with complimentary homemade chocolate mousse. Delicious and perfectly sized in tiny espresso cups.

For fun - Mermaid Inn leaves you and your partner each with a little red Fortune Teller Miracle fish that curls at the ends depending on your mood. A great conversation starter for a first date :)

I know I'm probably not describing it well - you'll just have to go see it for yourself!
(picture from NYpost)

The Mermaid Inn
East Village
96 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003

Upper West Side
568 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10024

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