August 12, 2008

Sidewalk Tables - Brought to you by New York Magazine

Van Gogh Sidewalk Table
So I ran across a great piece done by Grub Street, New York Magazine's food blog. First of all, Grub Street is great - I highly recommend it when you want a more professional take on food. I'm just an amateur at best :)

Here is a link to a map they have created, highlighting restaurants with outdoor seating.

As soon as the weather gets nice, we New Yorkers take advantage of it. The restaurants open their doors, windows...and all of a sudden it feels like you're in Paris.

It's great. It's one the best things about summer in New York.

While this map is a great start, often times the best way is to just go outside and see for yourself. Take a walk around town - I guarantee that most places somehow manage a way to get themselves onto the sidewalk in the summer.

Other great ways to enjoy the sunshine -

1. Picnic at Central Park:
Pick up some grub at Whole Foods at Time Warner Center or a sandwich at Le Pain Quotidien(58th and 7th Ave). If you just want dessert or something cold - go to Pinkberry (58th between 8th and 9th Ave) or Jamba Juice (Time Warner Center or 56th and 6th Ave.).

For the adventurous- whip out that bathing suit. This is our version of the beach.

2. Picnic along West Side Highway:
The city has done a great job revitalizing the piers along the West Side Highway. A great afternoon activity would be a nice bike ride, jog, or rollerblade down the Hudson River. For picnicking, Daisy May's BBQ at 46th and 11th Ave. is a great choice. Chow down on some ribs, creamed spinach, doused down with some sweet ice tea - in a mason jar!

A good outdoor option along the highway is P.D. O'Hurley's Bar & Grill at Pier 84 (West Side Highway at 44th). This is a great place to just hang out- grab a few beers and watch the sunset.

3. Shake Shack
Madison Square Park. Shake Shack = Long lines. Come with a group of people you really like to catch-up. Good friends make the wait much more tolerable, and as soon as you bite into the burgers, dogs, fries...the wait will be long forgotten.

If you are really concerned you can actually view the Live Shake Cam and come when there is a momentary break in the line

This won't be often, so you'll have to hussle.

4. Bleecker & 6th Ave.
I've talked a lot about the multitude of ice creams, yogurts, gelatos, dessert galore on Bleecker. Take your treat to the corner of Bleecker & 6th Ave. Here you'll find a nice little outdoor area, complete with a fountain, benches and piano player. I'm serious. A real piano player.
What better way to enjoy your summer treat.

5. Washington Square Park
Not right now. But after they finish doing whatever they are doing to Washington Square Park, I'm sure it will be a great place to hang out, listen to folksy music and watch the dogs run.
Grab a Kati Roll from nearby or make your own PB&J sandwiches. Sit. Relax. Enjoy some of the best people watchin in the city.

Soak up the sun, take advantage of the warm night time weather as much as you can. Winter will be here before you know it.

Enjoy the summer.

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