August 11, 2008

Cafe Angelique - Great Coffee, Even Better People Watching

Cafe AngeliqueCafe Angelique has two locations in the city - One on Bleecker between Broadway and Lafayette (Noho area) and one on Grove, at the corner of Bleecker in the West Village.

I will concentrate on the West Village outpost.

This is a super cute little cafe located in my favorite neighborhood in NYC. So while I don't live in the West Village, whenever I want to pretend that I do, I bring a book and hop on the subway down to Cafe Angelique. Come on, don't we all wish we lived there?

The decor of Cafe Angelique is light and airy with marble topped-tables and white iron casted chairs. The coffee is strong, the pastries flaky and sweet, and the sandwiches fresh and crisp.

Best of all, there are two nice white benches outside on the corner of Grove and Bleecker. On a nice day outside, be prepared to go into battle.

If you're lucky enough to grab one of the coveted benches - you might be rewarded with a fun celebrity sighting. I'd say it's about a 50% hit rate on a given day. Maybe Mike Myers, maybe Kerri Russell, maybe Kate Hudson...

One thing to note- don't expect to do serious work here, electrical outlets are far and few between, so your laptop better have a good battery life. I know mine doesn't.

But no matter. Cafe Angelique isn't for work.

Sit. Read. Chat. Relax.

Cafe Angelique
49 Grove St. New York, NY

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