June 28, 2012

Brachetto - Where have you been all my life...

Barbie, my favorite bartender at Maialino (which I guess I need to do a review for given I go there EVERY Saturday for brunch and Sunday for dinner!)....anyhow I digress.  She introduced me to the Italian dessert wine - Brachetto.

Wow - so delicious!  It usually has pretty low alcohol content (maybe 5%?) and is deliciously sweet and sparkling.  I highly recommend it - every girlfriend I've introduced it to swears by it.  I'm on at least a bottle a week, and Barbie jokes that I am responsible for the restaurants ongoing shortage ;)

It can be found in most Italian wine stores - I am lucky enough to walk across the street to Eataly's wine shop where they typically carry 1-3 different brands.

Pineto Brachetto - $19-$22

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