January 2, 2012

Blacklisted restaurants for 2012

One of my New Years Resolutions is to stop eating at bad restaurants.  I know everyone thinks New York City has some of the best restaurants in the country, if not the world, and to a certain extent I agree.  However, I have been burned one too many times and now I need a place to keep track of restaurants that just need to go on my blacklist.

Right now I only have a couple - but I will keep updating this post as the year goes on....

New York has pretty much two tiers of restaurants in terms of pricing.  
  1. entree prices $15-25
  2. entree prices $25-35
Now I want to specifically address tier 2.  Most NYC restaurants fall into this tiers (the ones that go on everyone's "best of" lists - the ones that get the press and coverage.  Fancy, not fancy - most restaurants I seem to go to fall in tier 2.  That being said - there is a HUGE variance in quality.  Warning, if you can get a same week reservation at a restaurant in tier 2, it is likely going to be a major rip off.

Why pay $27 for 3 scallops at Gravy, when you can pay that for a fantastic piece of fish at ABC Kitchen?  Well, trust me I know, it's hard to get a resy at ABC - but it's worth it.  Otherwise you may be stuck paying $24 for lasagna at The House. 

Lesson learned - Make reservations.  Just do it.

  1. Commerce - Overpriced with terribly over entitled service. West Village DBag central.
  2. Tamarind - High tier 2 priced Indian food.  When taking my order, the first thing my waiter did was suggest I order the chili crab appetizer - the most expensive appetizer on the menu.  Biggest turnoff a waiter can do.
  3. Gravy - Overpriced southern food.  See above - $27 for a 3 scallop entree.  No thanks.
  4. The House - again see above.  Anyone who has a $14 Devil egg appetizer has to be ripping your face off.
  5. Pipa - This always ends up being a default for me since it's close to my apartment.  And every time I regret it.  Maybe tapas just isn't for me, but I have never been impressed with the food and the portions make the bill escalate very quickly.  Brunch in particular is disappointing.
  6. De Santos - I have nothing to say about the food, because I didn't even make it to ordering.  Went there and was seated next to the door (cold!!), it was super loud and took 20 minutes before anyone came to even talk to us.  Walked out.  Doesn't matter what the food is like - ambiance and service were terrible.
  7. August - All I can say is ehhh.... just hasn't lived up to the hype for me.  Cramped space, poor service, and tiny portions.
  8. Burger & Barrel - Terrible bartenders (extremely rude and dismissive), subpar burgers and dry fried chicken.  Prices aren't terrible, but nothing is worth the bad attitude and service.

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