January 13, 2011

Torrisi Italian Specialties - Great for those early birds!

So this is a quick posting about Torrisi Italian Specialties - which has been written up pretty much everywhere as one of the best new restaurants in 2010.   I finally got a chance to go to Torrisi over the holiday break, braving the elements the day after the blizzard of 2010 to get a chance to try the famous char grilled pork chop that everyone has been raving about.

Thanks to my friends Emily and Dave who braved the cold weather and slushy ground to get to Torrisi by 5:15pm, we were able to snag a table for the first seating of the night at 6pm.  5 minutes too late and we probably would have been stuck waiting another 2 hours for the next seating happening around 7:30pm.

And while one would think it would be easier on the day after the biggest snowstorm of the year, nope!  I guess nothing can stop hardcore foodies!

Anyhow, onto the meal - in one short word it was fabulous!  I am not going to write in too much detail, because you will just have to go see for yourself.  The restaurant is a tiny place, maybe seating around 30 people is my guess?  $50 prix fixe with a $25 wine pairing.  $50 for a prix fixe is quite the deal in NYC these days - especially for this.  First up - fresh mozzarella - and I mean fresh!  Silky smooth with just the right consistency.  That was followed by a sweet beet salad and lambs tongue, topped off with a fresh homemade pasta course.  For our mains, we had the char grilled pork (my pick for the winning dish) as well as a perfectly cooked skate.  Everything pretty much melted in your mouth.  The pork especially had that charred taste, perfectly crispy yet soft and moist beneath.  Delicious!

For dessert, a plate of traditional Italian pastries and cakes!!

For $50, I'd say this is definitely one of the best deals in town.  Perfect for those early bird diners!

Menu changes daily...

250 Mulberry Street @ Prince

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And while one would think it would be easier on the day after the biggest snowstorm of the year, nope! I guess nothing can stop hardcore foodies!

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