December 20, 2010

ABC Kitchen's Magical French Toast & Pancakes

So I haven't been lucky enough to try ABC Kitchen for dinner yet, but I have been there for brunch several times.  Whenever I am in the mood for pancakes or french toast - ABC Kitchen is my go to place!  Located in ABC Carpet & Home, ABC Kitchen is fabulously decorated as one would expect courtesy of the venerable furnishing and decor landmark.  It's eco friendly for the glamorous!

Anyhow onto the food.  I am totally convinced there is something other worldly in their yeast, because all of their carb/dough based dishes are super delicious.  Light and fluffy, never leaving you with that "I'm so stuffed" feeling."

The french toast is very eggy and light - typically I take one bite of french toast and I am done, but I can finish theirs in record time and still want more.  Served with seasonal fruit (now it is roasted apples), this french toast is like nothing I have ever had!  Not really bread based, I would say it is more eggy and soft inside with a crisp bite, you can't miss it!

As for the pancakes - again, super light and airy with an egg base - these go down super smooth as well.  No heavy feeling afterwards - in fact, I usually have room for dessert!

Cue up the glazed donuts!

In fact, I am all carbed out by the time I leave...

Make sure to make reservations via opentable, or hope that there is a seat by the bar as this place is pretty much booked every weekend.

ABC Kitchen
35 E 18th St., New York, NY
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Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Yum, it all sounds great. Gonna try it.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I've been here. The food and the ambiance is fabulous.

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