August 27, 2010

The Meatball Shop! Get it to go and eat at the park

Skip the 2 hour wait at The Meatball Shop and get yours to go and enjoy a nice night at the park (or the benches on Allen St...heheh)

Last Friday my boyfriend and I went to The Meatball Shop after hearing raves about it from everyone.  Everyone I know was so surprised I hadn't been yet, so I had to change that status quickly.

Upon hearing that the wait was at least 1 hour and 45 minutes - we proceeded to head straight to the take out counter and get our sandwiches to go.  Note - no sliders to go, you an only do the hero sandwiches.

No problem as I had already heard the spicy pork really was the must have meatball of choice.  We went with one spicy pork and tomato sauce and one with parmesan cream sauce.  I was partial to the parm cream sauce, but the tomato sauce is a pretty good classic choice as well.  The meatballs were made to order - perfectly juicy and seasoned nicely.  Not really spicy, just packed more of a punch than your usual ground meat.

Surprisingly the sandwiches weren't even that messy!  Paired with the salad garnished with crisp sliced apples - for 9 bucks, this was a pretty good deal.

And definitely don't forget dessert - the ice cream sandwiches are amazing.  Mix and match your favorite freshly baked cookie with your ice cream of choice.  I went with espresso and chocolate chip cookies, while my boyfriend did the blackberry/raspberry with brownie cookie!  Yum!!!  And since the cookies are soft and fresh - the sandwich is pretty manageable to eat without it totally falling apart.

The worst thing about most ice cream sandwiches is a stale cookie.  No chance of that here!

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton St.
NY, NY 10002

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