June 17, 2010

Fresh Direct - 4 Minute Meals are a city girl's savior!

So a couple of weeks ago my good friend Emily introduced me to the magic of Fresh Direct's 4 minute meals.

Omg - how did I live without these before???  I think I may have tried Fresh Direct once many years ago, and then finding it a bit expensive and realizing I almost never ate at home, I quickly abandoned it.  After spending the past year in a tiny apartment with no working oven, I thought there was nothing I could do except do takeout.  EVERY NIGHT.  Which is not only expensive, but oh so bad for you.

Maybe that's why I gained 10 pounds last year!

Anyhow...onto Fresh Direct.  These 4 minute meals are awesome!  Think of it like a fresh version of a tv dinner.  All you need is a refrigerator to store, and a microwave to heat.  You don't even need a plate!  What's amazing is that the ingredients are all fresh - no preservatives, and they cook in the microwave right before your eyes.  I mean - the shrimp goes into the microwave raw, and comes out perfectly cooked.

I'm talking shrimp, lamb, beef - restaurant quality.  Prices per meal range from $6.99-$12.99 depending on what you choose.  Choose from dishes by Tabla, Terrance Brennan, Rosa Mexicano...

Seriously - I place my order for every Sunday night, and I have my meals for 2-3 days a week (I leave one weekday to go out, and obviously my weekends are for exploring!)

Takes the pressure off figuring out what you're gonna eat every night. 

I know, I know...I should cook more - but until then - these will have to do it! 

Some disclosure - the meals are on the small side (but hey - maybe it's good to have some portion control).  Also - don't order en masse....they only stay good for 3-4 days.  Hence, they are FRESH!

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