May 6, 2010

Fairway "Baked from Scratch!"

Quite delicious I might say!  Yesterday my office mates and I got to try some of Fairway Markets new Baked from Scratch goods.  Super reasonably priced offerings include a delicious brioche and cinnamon bun pie.

The cinnamon buns had just the right amount of sweetness - not overly sugary and sticky, but with just enough to start your morning off right.  Not as gooey or buttery as Cinnabon, these are a good alternative when you want something decadent but not overly rich.

The brioche was simply amazing.  At first is just tastes like plain fluffy bread - but pretty soon you realize you are addicted and can't stop ripping off another piece!  One of my coworkers said it reminded her of an oversize croissant.  Can you think of anything better than that?

A good idea for the office is to have a delivery of the brioche and cinnamon buns weekly - wouldn't that be a great way to cure a case of the Mondays?



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