April 9, 2010

Fatty Crab Chili Crabs!!

Chili Crabs at Fatty Crab UWS
Warning - do not take someone here for a first date!  It will make for quite and awkward meal.  And most likely will not result in a second date.  For these chili crabs are messy messy messy!

Then again, there are plenty of other things on the menu at Fatty Crab that one could order.  And strangely our waiter kept pushing us to them.  But hey, why would you go to Fatty Crab and not order crab??  Isn't that kinda like going to Luke's Lobster and ordering the shrimp roll?  (Wait, that happened to me last week when I went there and they didn't have lobster!  I digress, but how do you call yourself "Luke's Lobster" and then proceed to run out of lobster at 5pm in the afternoon?  Before dinnertime????

Ok- back to Fatty Crab.  I went here with my two bosses last week for a late lunch on the upper west side.  Now, we went strictly for the crab after being inspired by a recent food network show where Emeril cooked up chili crabs.  I'm not afraid to admit that's what put the idea in our heads!

 After being seated, we asked our somewhat loopy waiter how we should order.  We made it known we were here for the crabs after he spent some time selling us on the duck and what not.  What duck?  When we said we wanted three orders, he made sure we understood they cost $48 bucks each.  Ok.  We get it.  Shouldn't you just shut up and hurry and put in the order before we could change our minds?  This is a pretty big payday for a lunch table, no?  Just go with it....

While waiting for the crab, we did start off with the steamed pork buns.  Delicious way to start off the meal!  Fatty, juicy - a pretty good rendition.  Maybe not as perfect as the Momofuku ones, but a close second.  The soft boiled egg and crisp salad was a nice touch though.

Onto the main event.  Chili crabs!  Served with thick style texas toast - the crabs were smothered in a thick spicy tomato sauce.  Not exactly what I pictured - the sauce was much thicker and almost had a soup/pasta sauce type of consistency.  Delicious no matter.  But definitely messy!

They should serve these things with a bodysuit.  Ok - well at least a bib!  Don't wear your finest for this one (again, another reason not to take a date!)  This is something only meant to be eaten with family.  You can use the crackers given, or you could go animal style and just use your hands.  Which is pretty much what we all did.

Ate in silence.  Didn't look at each other.  It would be too much.  Frankly - this is a meal to enjoy in peace and not when the restaurant is too crowded.  I cannot imagine doing this with everyone watching!

All parts of the crab are up for grabs - legs, insides, anything you can dig out.  Eat it!  Don't be bashful!  The slimiest parts are always the best!

All in all - the crabs were delicious.  If you are willing to do the work.  And I think we are all willing to do so.  Maybe this will be a quarterly tradition?

See you there soon!

Fatty Crab

West Village
643 Hudson (between Horatio and Gansevoort)

Upper West Side
2170 Broadway (between 76th and 77th)

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