February 15, 2010

Baked By Melissa - Just the right bite!

For Valentine's day my boyfriend got me a box of 25 cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.  25?!?!?  Sounds like a lot - but it seems to be just the right amount and way to sample the many flavors Baked by Melissa offers.  Plus - I forgot....they are just bite sized!

After going through a phase of cupcake burnout, I thought there could be no other way to make a cupcake.  I guess I was wrong!  Just shrink them to bite size and charge $1 buck each!

Perfectly moist and can be eaten in one fell swoop...these are the perfect answer to the late night munchies.  Or late afternoon munchies...  or an on the go breakfast run!  Basically good anytime of the day!

My favorite flavors are the red velvet, peanut butter cup and cinnamon!  Don't forget the tie-dye!

And to keep them moist, store in the freezer.  Defrost for 5 minutes and they are just like new!

Baked by Melissa
Union Square
7 East 14th St.

529 Broadway

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