January 14, 2010

Northern Spy Food - Locally sourced food does a body good!

So recently my boyfriend and I have decided to institute a Sunday night "date night."  Early Sunday dinners are an awesome idea since usually places aren't really packed on Sundays - much less earlier in the evening, and it's a great way to try out new restaurants.

And there's nothing better than it being 7pm on Sunday night and already being done with dinner!  The weekend still seems long.... trickery I tell you!

Last Sunday we tried Northern Spy Food Co. in the East Village. This is a tiny little restaurant nestled on East 12th between Ave. A and B - specializing in locally sourced artisanal foods from the Mid Atlantic and the North East.

Think of a cheaper version of Blue Hill, Craft, etc.

The ambiance was like the perfect little country comfort food neighborhood diner.  Cozy benches and stools - this place just screams warmth and friendliness!

I decided to go with the chicken and egg sandwich - chicken thigh + poached egg with fresh veggies, nestled in a pocket sandwich.  With sweet pickled onions and a pickle with a bite to last a while - this was a really nice light dinner option.

More like a late afternoon snack, I also added a side of the potatoes and dill mustard as well as the braised kale.  Yum yum yum.

My boyfriend went with the Sunday dinner special - get this - 3 courses for $20 bucks!  Starting off with the Farmers Market Salad - deliciously fresh sweet potato, carrots, turnip and potatoes in a light yogurt dressing.  Topped off with mint - this had to be one of the best salads I've ever had.  Focusing on root vegetables - it was super hearty and left me feeling clean and refreshed.

Next came the chicken meatballs.  A bit like chicken parmesan - it definitely reminded me of old style Italian cooking.  Without the greasy part.

Finally - warm winter bread pudding.  Topped with super fresh whipped cream.  Served piping hot - in a large bowl, this is enough to share.

But of course we still had room for the carrot cake.  Probably the second best thing of the night (just after the Farmers Market Salad).

All in all - it was a great meal.  I'd definitely go back - maybe next time I'll try their brunch!

Oh - and also definitely try one of their homemade seltzers.  With flavors like concord grape and quince (!!) you can't go wrong!

Northern Spy Food Co.
511 East 12th Street (between A and B)
212- 228-5100

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