September 28, 2009

Le Fooding Saturday Night

I was "lucky" enough to get the VIP tickets for Le Fooding on Saturday night - which basically meant that for double the price I got one extra hour before the massive crowds came to test and taste the food.

Plus all the free champagne (Veuve no less!) that I could drink.

Unfortunately for me as the quintessential light weight, I was hoping the extra hour of food would be worth the extra $30 bucks.

Luckily it was - as we later saw the lines explode post 7pm. Want an extra Minetta Tavern burger? Forget it. The line was so intimidating!!!

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty great night for food lovers. That is carnivorous food lovers only!! There was so much red meat going around, even I - a true lover of red meat, felt a little queasy afterward.

We started of course with the famous Minetta Tavern burger - juicy juicy juicy! Topped with caramelized onion relish and served with a side of potato chips and pickles - it was delectable.

My favorite dish of the night. And lucky me - I came back for seconds. I would have done thirds if not for the line!

This line soon lapped around - and boy did it move slow!!! Still trying to figure out is a burger, even if it is Black Label...

Onto one of the Frenchies - the Aller-Retour chicken skewer by Alberto Herraiz of Fogon, Paris. This was very lovely - on the lighter side for those not so into the all encompassing beef options for the night. Super juicy, served with love - it was delicious.

Next door was Daniel Boulud's station of traditional Moroccan couscous served with chicken, chorizo and lamb. For many this was their favorite dish of the night - for me, honestly it was just ok. A little goopey, it seemed a little heavy and over sauced.

After a champagne break - we were headed toward the other room for more steak, steak, steak.

First up was the simmered beef and chilled camembert meringue by Stephane Jego of L'Ami Jean in Paris. Yummmm! And the line was so short we were able to quickly get seconds too! I don't know why this dish wasn't more popular - or maybe the station was just way more efficient? It was a little like a short rib, juicy and succulent - and the meringue had a hint of apple which added another layer of complexity to the dish. Definitely one of the more creative and intriguing of the night.

Onto Le Chateaubriand's Inaki Aizpitarte's steak with charred aubergine (better known as eggplant). The steak was so tender, I was a little afraid it was undercooked - but that's just me being me. I'm sure it wasn't. Served with a pickled onion relish, it was a nice acidity to the red meat.

Finally, the moment I really had to get myself psyched up for - the barbacoa beef head tacos from The General Greene. Hrmm...well, honestly - I think they put so much spice and cilantro that I hardly tasted the beef. Which was a-okay for me.

All in all - it was a beautiful night done up in a wonderful space - P.S. 1 is lovely! Music pumping, drinks flowing, if only it weren't so darn cold!!!

And to top of the cold night with ice cream no less - bourbon vanilla and salted hazelnut from The Greene ice cream. But I'll eat ice cream in any weather :) But only one ice cream scooper? For 1,000+ people? Really guys?

Till next time....and I sincerely hope there will be a next time!!!

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