September 13, 2009

La Esquina Taqueria - Is there any need to go downstairs?

tacos at La Esquina
So it's probably totally unfair and stupid for me to even have written that title since I have never been downstairs at La Esquina, haha.

But, I have been around the corner to the cafe - and trust me, the taco stand is exactly the same.

Except cheaper. And much better people watching!

And cheaper is definitely my priority these days :)

Tacos are all under $4 bucks, and served a la carte.  Unlike the cafe, here you can mix and match all you want - I tend to get full with even just two tacos as each is quite large, often spilling out of the flour tortilla.

I love the bistec taco - a classic with steak, onions, cilantro and chipotle salsa.  Another good choice is the pescado - grilled market fish- nothing better than a good fish taco, right?

Add a side of grilled corn and finish it off with a Mexican hot chocolate on a cold night and you are good to go.

Oh they also deliver and open late making it perfect for a late night snack...

La Esquina Taqueria
114 Kenmare St. (between Lafayette and Centre)

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