September 1, 2009

Black Hound - Yummy Cakes for the everyday....

black hound cake
I love Black Hound's cakes.  Especially the mini cakes.  I mean for $7 bucks give or take, you can take home a delicious, beautiful little cake that is perfect for celebrating any night of the week.

Not just birthdays or special events.  At their price point, I think it's a perfect treat whenever you need a pick me up or are just feeling that sweet tooth.

I mean even an ice cream sundae costs $7.50 from Van Leeuwen.  Why not trade that in once in a while for a professionally done cake?

I must admit I've only tried the "Busy Bee Cake" and the "Strawberry and Cream."   I love the Busy Bee cake - mostly cuz it has chocolate, almond cake! and marzipan!  Delicious.

Almond cake and marzipan?  Hard not the like.  Plus it's just so cute.  One mini cake is plenty enough for 2, a taste for 4....

Last week I tried the Strawberry and Cream cake.  A delicious version of a strawberry shortcake, but with white chocolate buttercream and marzipan flowers.  Gotta love the marzipan....

The strawberries were fresh and sweet - not soggy, a drawback of many strawberry shortcakes...Think of it as a refined version of the classic.

I only wish Black Hound would put some chairs and small tables and make it into a little cafe.  I'd go there every night :)

Black Hound
170 2nd Ave (#B) (Between 10th and 11th)

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