August 25, 2009

Yerba so for me

Pisco Punch
After seeing Yerba Buena marked as one of the best newish restaurants I decided to head on over to the original before testing out their new location on Perry St.

Upon arriving, it seemed super familiar.  Maybe that's because I have been here before!

Just for drinks the last time.

And this time I think I wished it was still just for the drinks - the best part of Yerba Buena...

Pretty empty on a Monday night, the majority of the customers there were slightly older - or in Anna Wintour's words..."senior citizens?" 

A bit strange given it's location on Avenue A between Houston and 2nd Ave...but I guess it is another reminder of the gentrification of alphabet city...

I started off with the Pegu Club inspired Pisco Punch - pineapple infused pisco + grapefruit & lime cordials  + fresh lemon juice = super sweet and delicious cocktail. 

I almost didn't taste the alcohol at all until I felt it a bit later...

short ribsFor my main dish I chose two botanas - the short rib arepas and the crispy tilapia tacos.  The BBQ short rib arepas were super juicy in a malbec sauce that dripped out the sides. 

Wonderfully sweet and rich, with tender short rib meat the arepas were surprisingly filling.
fish tacos
As for the fish tacos, while the tilapia was cooked nicely, they were a little lacking in flavor as I would have like to see a little more acid and a little more spice.

My boyfriend ordered the Moqueca (Brazilian style paella).

Now we absolutely love Moqueca, having had it first at a tiny restaurant near Cambridge, Massachusetts called Muqueca which serves up wonderful fish and seafood stews.

Unfortunately the seafood moqueca at Yerba Buena did not live up to expectations. 

The seafood was a bit inconsistent with the clams being done just right, but the shrimp and squid being sorely overcooked.  The flavor was a bit flat as well. 

All in all, a somewhat disappointing version of moqueca.

If you are ever in Cambridge, MA - you must go to Muqueca to experience the real thing.

Overall, Yerba Buena was a bit disappointing, especially at a somewhat high price point.  In the future I would go back - but only for the wonderful drinks. 

But then again, maybe I should just go to Pegu Club for that.   

Yerba Buena
23 Avenue A (Between Houston and 2nd Ave)

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