August 4, 2009

Wildwood BBQ - Trendy BBQ? Is that an oxymoron?

Baby back ribs at Wildwood
Wildwood BBQ is B.R. Guest's try to bring BBQ to the big apple.  Located on Park Avenue South near Union Square - it's neighbors include trendy restaurants Dos Caminos and Japonais.  You get the picture, right?

So knowing all this information - I didn't expect too much from Wildwood in terms of real southern BBQ - for that I think I need to go on up to Harlem to get the real deal.

However, for the neighborhood and location, Wildwood gives it a good try.  Memphis baby back ribs - full rack for $25 bucks, is a little pricey, but definitely better than your average Tony Romas. A tiny bit on the overcooked side - the quality can be unpredictabe at times.

Pulled pork at Wildwood
On the other hand - I did like the Carolina pulled pork - the potato bread and vinegar sauce was a nice southern touch.  The tang from the vinegar nicely offsets the sweetness of the pulled pork.

As for sides - definitely go for the creamed spinach!  It is delicious and rivals any steakhouse around town.  The mac'n'cheese however was a real disappointment.  A little too much of the Kraft Box kind - $6.95 was a bit steep for a tiny bowl.  For a much better rendition - go on to Mara's Homemade - their mac'n'cheese never fails to come out bubbling hot and spicy.

Overall, Wildwood is an okay choice if you are in the neighborhood and craving some BBQ pork, but don't make a special trip down for it.

There must be better options around town - i.e. Blue Smoke, Dinosaur BBQ...Hill Country...

Wildwood BBQ
225 Park Avenue South (Between 18th and 19th)

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