August 9, 2009

Jacques Torres Ice Cream in Dumbo - Ice Cream Sandwiches!

The much hyped Jacques Torres Ice Cream Parlor in Dumbo is worth the trip across the river.  Especially for the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

Comes with three different choices of ice cream filling - vanilla, peanut butter or chocolate - the sandwich is huge!  Definitely shareable for two, or frankly even three people, it is chocolately heaven.

The cookies are a bit hard - I mean they are somewhat frozen so what do you expect...but they are filled with chocolate chunks and make for a very nice and cool refreshing treat on a hot summer afternoon.  I don't know why more places don't serve cookie sandwiches - they are a great memory back to my childhood.

I went with the chocolate ice cream filling - rich and creamy and deliciously chocolatey.  Ask the counter to slice it for you as I can only imagine how hard it would be to eat whole.  Kind of like biting into a big burger and having all the insides spill out.  Except in this case it is the wonderful ice cream that would be exploding.

If you want to go with a regular scoop - Jacques Torres offers a changing roster of flavors including several kinds of chocolate - wicked chocolate (think Mexican chocolate but with a spicier kick at the end), chocolate raspberry and their classic chocolate chip cookie dough. Yummmm......

Jacques Torres
62 Water Street (Between Main and Dock)
Brooklyn, NY
M-Sat 1pm - 8pm
Sun - 1pm - 6pm

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