August 12, 2009

Dinner @ The Rhinecliff in the Hudson Valley

Rhinecliff Hotel at Hudson Valley
Tonight we are staying at The Rhinecliff Hotel in Hudson Valley over looking the Hudson River.

A delightful hotel right on the riverfront, the view is just spectacular.

I've actually never been to the Hudson Valley before, but I thought it was high time I see where our greenmarket food is coming from!

After checking into the hotel - gorgeous by the way and they have a midweek special through August (2 nights, get 1 free), we headed down to the hotel's restaurant.

Now we usually never like to eat at the hotel restaurant, but at these country hotels and B&Bs I make an exception.

Chilled watermelon and tomato soup
Sitting on the veranda, we started off with a beautiful sweet and spicy chilled watermelon and tomato soup.

Drizzled with some spice oil and topped off with a chilled prawn, the soup was a perfect start to the meal on a hot and humid evening. 

Summer vegetable ragout
For our main course, I went with the summer vegetable ragout.

Now I never eat vegetables - I know it's terrible - but I thought what a good way to see what Hudson Valley has to offer.

Fresh peas, eggplant, asparagus, squash, zucchinis, perfect yellow and red name it they've got it.

Layered on top of a polenta cake, it sure is a good way to get your veggies!

striped bass
My boyfriend had the striped bass cooked in butter.  Yumm!  This was the winner of the night.

Served with a vegetable ratatouille of baby tomatoes, zucchini and olives, the fish was tender and slightly sweet with perfectly crisped skin.

Possibly one of the best striped bass we've had.

sweet creamed corn
Add on a side of sweet creamed corn and shrimp (man was there a lot of butter in this one) and we didn't have any room for dessert.

What a pity.

Must budget the stomach better tomorrow night at Escoffier.

The Rhinecliff Hotel
4 Grinnell Street
Rhinecliff, NY 12574

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