August 24, 2009

Brunch at Prune - Be prepared for a 1 hour wait...

So I went with my friend to Prune a couple of years ago.  Before it got so popular!

In the couple years since, it appears Prune has pretty much blown up in the foodie world.

Yesterday I got up around 10:30am and I decided since it was before noon to give Prune another try.

I knew it was a busy place, but I thought, hey 11am is pretty early on a Sunday for brunch. 

I mean some places don't even open until 11:30 or 12 so they can serve alcohol.

But man.  11am was not early enough to escape the crowds at Prune.  By the time we were seated it was around 12:20/12:30.  And then, get this, we were out the door by 12:58pm.  They turn those tables fast and there was still an hour wait!  Boy do they do good business on the weekends.

Prune is a really charming restaurant tucked away on 1st st. located between 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave.  With few other options on the street, Prune is definitely a destination place so diners coming there usually stay for the long wait.

Unless they migrate over to JoeDoe across the street.  Which I wasn't likely to do given his hatred towards food bloggers...And from the looks of it, it didn't seem like he was getting much spillover from Prune..

soft scrambled eggs at Prune
Anyhow, onto the food.  Now after waiting over an hour, I was hungry!  Unfortunately the portions were a bit on the small side, but no bother.

I ordered the soft scrambled eggs, which maybe in retrospect was too safe of a choice.  Very ordinary, the standout part of the dish was the potato rosti which was delicious, if not a bit overly oily.

Butter, butter and more butter abounded on the dish.  Including an overly buttered english muffin.  But you know me, a good soft scrambled egg always makes me happy.

fried oyster omelet at Prune
What I should have ordered though is what my boyfriend got.  Luckily he always shares.

He ordered the fried oyster omelet.  Now this one is tricky - it's hidden away on the menu near the eggs and sides.

You kind of have to search for it.

Not sure why they didn't put it on the left side of the menu with the other brunch specials.  It was yummy!  Fried oysters stuffed into a delicate omelet with tabasco on the side.

This is the dish I would come back for again and again.  But maybe at 10am when they open....

One thing to note - unlike Clinton St. Baking Co where it is nearly impossible to get a four-top, Prune seems to be more than accommodating for parties of 4 - I actually saw them in some cases get seated even before parties of two...

54 East 1st St. (Between 1st and 2nd Ave)

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