August 16, 2009

Breakfast @ The Rhinecliff

The Rhinecliff at breakfast
I know I wrote a post describing the wonderful dinner I had at The Rhinecliff, but I had to do another post about their amazing breakfast.

Since we stayed at The Rhinecliff hotel for three nights, we got to have their awesome breakfast complimentary 3 days in a row.

And trust me, I could have done 7 days in a row....

Fresh baked croissants, fluffy pancakes (some of the best I've ever had!), delicious frittatas featuring fresh seasonal vegetables and complemented with french pressed coffee table side - I couldn't ask for a better way to get started for the day.

If you are a hotel guest everything and anything you want is complimentary - side, juice, coffee, tea, croissants, fruit, and entree.  A fabulous deal!

Just to get your appetite started - while we were there it was pancakes with fresh strawberries and blueberries and the frittata was local harvested mushrooms with gruyere.

Yum, right???

While I would say the breakfast is reason enough to stay at The Rhinecliff - it's not.  There are so many more reasons.

frittataThe hotel is newly renovated and is located right on the Hudson River, approximately 2 hours from Manhattan.  Furnished in a minimal white rustic tone, each room is spacious and sports an awesome bathroom - full jacuzzi and separate shower with a rain showerhead built into the ceiling! 

All in all, it's a great country retreat if you need a mini break from the city.

The Rhinecliff Hotel
4 Grinnell Street
Rhinecliff, NY 12574

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