July 22, 2009

Sweet Revenge - A bake shop with an edge

Sweet Revenge
Given all of the recent press I have been hearing about the West Village's Sweet Revenge, my expectations for their treats was pretty high.

A slightly rock'n'roll type of sweet and savory cafe, their specialties are cupcake and beer pairings.

Somewhat the antithesis of good ole fashioned Magnolia...

On a recent trip I stopped in to grab one of their artisan cupcakes.

After asking what the favorites were - I was told Crimson & Cream - a raspberry red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, and Bird of Paradise - a lime cake with a mango buttercream.

Sweet Revenge
I think because I liked the name so much I went with the Birds of Paradise.

I took it to go - and I really appreciate this - they had little plastic containers for each cupcake.

No mess no fuss like what usually happens to the cupcakes I take out from other shops in flimsy bags or paper boxes...

Birds of Paradise Cupcake at Sweet Revenge
The cake was nice and moist - with a taste and texture more like pound cake with lime zest.

The frosting was thick and rich - with a little more tang than I'm used to.  Super sweet and tangy, the cupcake, while delicious did require something with more base to offset it.

A large glass of milk would do it...or better yet, maybe that's why they pair beer with cupcakes!  It actually makes sense!

Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine St. (Between Bedford and 7th Ave)

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