July 18, 2009

The Grey Dog's Coffee - Go for the home fries!

The Grey Dog's Coffee
I went to The Grey Dog's Coffee for brunch today for the first time.

Somewhat chaotic on weekends, The Grey Dog's Coffee serves up great brunch items like omelets and scrambled eggs, and of course their famous coffee.

But what I was most pleasantly surprised with was was the home fries!

More like hash browns, they were really well seasoned, crunchy yet still soft on the inside.

Served in heaping portions - this is not for the carb only dieters.

I went totally traditional and just got their "eggs any style," because I mostly judge breakfast places on the way they make their eggs.

The Grey Dog's Coffee Breakfast
I ordered mine scrambled - and they were just perfect.  More like a soft scrambled egg - they were cooked to just the right temperature - still a little silky.  There's nothing worse than overcooked dry scrambled eggs.

The Grey Dog's Coffee can get pretty crowded on weekends and you must order before the waiter will seat you.

And don't expect to stay too long - this cafe isn't for stragglers.  The antithesis of Starbucks - The Grey Dog's Coffee has a pretty strict "no hibernation" sign discouraging people from spending their whole Saturday afternoon there.

The Grey Dog's Coffee
90 University Place (between 11th and 12th)

33 Carmine St (between Bedford and Bleecker)

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