June 18, 2009

Oh Wylie, oh Wylie - Top Chef Masters episode 2

With Suzanne Tracht winning the second slot in the championship round, in the second episode of Top Chef Masters we saw the unraveling of hometown favorite Wylie Dufresne of wd-50.

What happened?

Running around like a chaotic madman, he totally choked in the quickfire, never recovering enough to overcome his last place finish. 

And forgetting to plate the chicken for judge Jay Rayner? 

Sad we won't catch you at the championship round Wylie...

1 comment:

llfccl said...

Wylie acted like a cry baby. now the competition is over get over it. Wylie., you still is the big chef in town.

Christine has written a vivid description. sounds like that kitchen still rattling.

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