June 21, 2009

Montrose Farmers Market in California

red bell peppers
strawberriesThis afternoon I went to a neighborhood farmers market to see what the golden state has to offer.

It is in times like these when I ponder moving back to California - the fruits and veggies are incredible!

berriesOn a sunny afternoon in LA compared to gloomy NYC right now - nothing beats taking a leisurely stroll to see the luscious and bright colors of locally grown vegetables and berries.

Avocados twice the size of the ones we get shipped to NYC at 1/4 of the price.

peachesGiant red bell peppers - so beautiful you have to wonder if they are real!

Buckets of cherries for a fraction of the price that NYC delis charge.

Maybe life is easier here...

Plump strawberries, berries, peaches and cherries galore!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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