June 9, 2009

Crumbs Cupcakes - Oreo takes the cake

Crumbs Oreo Cupcake
So I am actually not a huge fan of Crumbs, except for the Oreo cupcake. I generally like super simple cupcakes, as in vanilla, chocolate, red velvet...

Thus, I find most of Crumb's flavors - especially the fruity ones like caramel apple and raspberry swirl to be just too sweet.

Since I'm not a fan of any kind of jam - the gooey centers scream of preservatives to me.

Plus, while I love cupcakes - the huge size of the Crumb cupcakes is intimidating even to me.

One shining note though is their Oreo cupcake - definitely big enough for 2, this cupcake is the perfect extension of everyone's childhood favorite, Oreo.

If you love cookies'n'cream, you'll love their Oreo cupcake. Chocolate cake garnished with 2 Oreos, it's a great treat after a long day.

Almost as great as Magnolia's pumpkin cupcake. Almost.

Crumbs Bake Shop
Location - pretty much everywhere.

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