June 27, 2009

Brunch at Morandi = Great people watching + rustic Italian

My friend Jillian and I went to Morandi for brunch today.  I have been meaning to go to Morandi's for about two years now and somehow never got around to it.

You know how it is - going to the "it" restaurant often is quite an ordeal.

But now, since Minetta Tavern has taken that spot easily in the Keith McNally empire - it's much easier to go to Morandi!

And since I love Pastis and Balthazar - it was pretty much a sure thing I would love Morandi. 

Poached eggs
We went for brunch today and it was wonderful.

Better than I expected actually - prices were very reasonable ranging from $10-$15 per entree with a wonderful selection of rustic Italian entrees.

On a nice day such as today (well earlier today) nothing beats an outdoor table at Morandi - great for people watching in the always fashionable West Village.

I ordered the "uova in camicia" which was 2 poached eggs with speck (prosciutto), spring onions and new potatoes.  Mine also came with fava beans - a delightful treat!

Jillian had the frittata which sported a soft middle - as all good omelets should have! Plus country bread to soak up the leftover goodness...

Other notables include the basket of sweet breads and ricotta fritters.

Brunch was delicious - I'm thinking of going back for dinner next week!  I guess given my track record it might be a while before I make it into Minetta Tavern...

211 Waverly Place (at 7th Ave South)

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