June 29, 2009

Amy's Bread Grilled Cheese - A delicious take on a classic

Amy's Bread grilled cheese
So we all know Amy's Bread has awesome loaves of bread - duh, I know.  But, they also have super delicious sandwiches too!

A grilled cheese afficionado - I am loving the fact that it's now become a pseudo gourmet comfort food staple at restaurants and bars around town.

The grilled cheese at Amy's Bread features New York cheddar, red onions, tomatoes and cilantro with a spicy chipotle pepper puree.

The red onions give it a nice kick, while the cilantro adds a freshness and refreshing end to a somewhat hearty sandwich.

For a grownup grilled cheese - Amy's Bread is a great choice. Served hot it's a great lunch snack anyday of the week.

Amy's Bread
Hell's Kitchen
672 9th Ave. New York, NYC 10036

75 9th Ave. New York, NYC 10011

West Village
250 Bleecker St. New York, NYC 10014


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Justin said...

yay for fan's of amy's bread. their warm sandwiches are amazing.

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