May 25, 2009

Yummy@Home Easy Chicken Salad

Chicken SaladBeing super lazy today, I didn't feel like going out to eat - nor did I feel like cooking. Basically I just wanted to sit back and watch The Bachelorette.

But, I still needed to eat, right?

Easy solution - @home chicken salad. I know this isn't a totally unique and brain stretching recipe - but still good to have none the less.
  1. Throw some salad in a bowl - lettuce, arugula or spinach
  2. Toss in some baby tomatoes, sliced red onion, mushrooms (don't wash in water, just use a paper towl to clean) and cucumbers.
  3. For the cucumbers, I usually peel the skin, slice in half length wise and scoop out the seeds. The seeds have a lot of water so they will make your salad soggy.
  4. Buy a roasted chicken from Whole Foods, or other grocery store. Just use your hands to peel off pieces for your salad. The roast flavor is amazing, and so easy!
  5. Mix your own dressing - olive oil, pepper and balsamic vinaigrette
An easy, simple salad when all you want to do is settle in for a night of good TV.

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