May 31, 2009

Jane - A classic New York brunch favorite in Soho

Jane Restaurant
I've been going to Jane for brunch since I first moved to New York six years ago.  It's a great place to go for a classic New York brunch.

I think Sunday brunch is a very New York centric activity - before I moved to New York, brunch wasn't really a big deal, much less a focal point for the week.

Here in the city, people take Sunday brunch seriously.  It's all about the long 2 hour brunch with your girlfriends - cocktails included.

Jane is a perfect place for a girls brunch - I say girls, because frankly, I usually see large groups of girls getting together for a casual brunch, bridal shower or even baby showers.  It seems to be a very girl-centric spot.  Maybe because it's conveniently located near all the shops in Soho?  A perfect way to shop off your hangover...

Jane's brunch menu offers mostly savory dishes including a variety of omelets and scrambles.

What makes Jane special in my opinion though, is the many versions of the classic eggs benedict dish.  Favorites include the Benedict Jane - crab and crawfish cakes instead of the english muffin and the Benedict Johnny - poached eggs and maple chicken sausage on corn pancakes. 

Of course, Jane also has a Lobster Benny - you know what that is - lobster + eggs benedict of course.

If you are craving something sweet - or want to do a sweet + savory share with your friend like I always do - Jane serves up a delicious rendition of Vanilla Bean French Toast on brioche bread - nice and thick and sweet.

And what would brunch be without cocktails of course?  At Jane - one cocktail per brunch entree is included - and they aren't just your average mimosa - Choices include Bloody Mary, Mimosa Comsopolitan, Passion Screwdriver, Raspberry Champagne Cocktail, and my personal favorite, White Peach Bellini.

Not quite as good as Cipriani's - but a good darn try - and with brunch + cocktails ranging from $12-$19, I'd say Jane is a pretty good deal, wouldn't you?

Just remember - brunch is only served on Sundays at Jane.

100 West Houston St (Between Thompson and West Broadway)


Michael said...

I'm going to be there this Saturday to look for some cuties- and then hopefully be back there Sunday for brunch! Any other tips for the gentlemen of New York?

harcoutbreton said...

you could dress up... try red dress... i like jane's brunch i think its fantastic...

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