January 5, 2009

Wilfie & Neil - Cheap Eats, Bacon & Cheese....Need I Say More?

Wilfie & NeilWilfie & Neil is a new Irish pub open on West 4th Street, near 7th Avenue South.

What goes best with beer and cocktails? Why, good bar food of course...as in anything with cheese and bacon I say!

The menu, created by Joaquin Baca (of Rusty Knot and Momofuku) delivers the goods. Grilled cheese on pullman bread (courtesy of Blue Ribbon) with your choice of delectable cheeses - my favorite is Murray Cheese's gruyere.

Add the fries with malt vinegar, and an order of Berkshire pork sliders -and you have a dinner enough to fill you and your mate. And for less than $20 bucks!!! Where else in the West Village can you get a full meal sourced from local purveyors for that cheap?!?

Other notable dishes include the Bacony Split Pea Soup and the Scottish Deviled Egg - a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried. Good for a try - 1 order is enough to split with your date. This ain't like Spotted Pig's teeny deviled eggs.

Cocktails are served up strong - it is bang for your buck down at Wilfie & Neil. The decor is dark wood, communal tables and the odd old fashioned chair and stool here and there. Quirky, a bit Kitschy, no.

Service is a bit spotty for food - best bet is often to sit at the bar. Space is small and gets crowded so assertiveness is necessary for those with an appetite.

Don't be shy, sit at the communal table and make a new friend, maybe a new special friend by the end of the meal.
(picture by NY Magazine)

Wilfie & Neil
228 West 4th Street, New York, NY

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