January 15, 2009

Lan Zhou - Beef Noodles Just Like Mom Makes...

beef noodle soupLan Zhou is a tiny noodle outpost in the thick of Chinatown. Enter the small quarters and you'll be greeted with a food + show experience.

You'll see a man tossing up handmade noodles much like the old pizza parlours of days past.

You'll also see dumplings being hand rolled. In this joint, authenticity rules the day - I haven't tasted beef noodle soup like this since my childhood visits to Taiwan.

The broth is savory, not too oily or salty - refreshing change from the increasingly "touristy" joints that surround busy Canal street. Lan Zhou is not for the reticent...not for the timid tourist.

Go here for the grub, not for the service. As you enter - take a quick look at the menu posted on the wall and simply shout out your order. If you sit idely waiting for someone to take your order...you will sit there forever.

My recommendations are the classic beef noodle soup and for the more adventurous- the beef tendon soup. At $4.75 a pop this has got to be the best deal in town! Even in Chinatown.

Finally, an order of fried dumplings are also a must-have - and make sure to take home a bag of dumplings - $8 bucks for a bag of freshly made pork dumplings.

Now that's a meal to look forward to!
(picture from Zimbio.com)

Lan Zhou
144 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002
(212) 566-6933

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