January 31, 2009

Gorilla Coffee - Proceed With Caution

Gorilla CoffeeGorilla Coffee - Now I know the title of my post may imply that the coffee is bad. Quite the contrary.

The coffee is good. Very good. BUT - VERY STRONG.

The beans are ground-to-serve, so you know the coffee is as fresh as can be.

I favor chocolate with my coffee, so I ordered the mocha. Delicious. Creamy, rich with just the right amount of chocolate. While I find most mochas to be more like a glorified hot chocolate, Gorilla's mocha is more like a dressed up latte.

After one mocha, I was bouncing off the walls talking a mile a minute. Just ask my boyfriend.

As for him, after one coffee - he felt so wired and faint he needed to get a muffin to tame his stomach. Warning: Strong coffee can be hard on an empty stomach (although his was certainly not empty after just having finished a huge brunch). That is how strong the coffee is.

If you are in need for a serious caffeine fix head over to Gorilla Coffee - judging by the never-ending lines, the secret's out. This is the go-to place for true coffee aficionados.

For true addicts- order your own beans online, but don't be surprised if your heart starts beating out of your chest. This is the real deal.
(picture from Gothamist.com)

Gorilla Coffee
97 Fifth Ave. Park Slope, Brooklyn NYC

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