January 19, 2009

Bussaco - Brooklyn Can Do Better Than This...

Bussaco - So I had high hopes for this place given its ties to such NYC classics like Gotham Bar and Grill and Le Bernadin.

Located in Park Slope on Union Street, Bussaco has a lot of competition from the likes of nearby Stone Park Cafe and Blue Ribbon on 5th Ave.

Unfortunately, I don't think that Bussaco will be able to stand up to the pressure.

On a recent Sunday evening my boyfriend and I came in for dinner around 7pm- only to be greeted with an almost empty dining room.

Having just been mentioned in New York Magazine, I had assumed that Bussaco would be brimming with Brooklynites. To my surprise and discomfort, we were the only couple to be seated in the dining room.

Maybe that was my first mistake and we should have eaten at the bar.

The Fried Poussin - and for those unsure, that is baby chicken. I mean we are talking really baby. For me, $21 was a bit much for a couple of tiny pieces of fried chicken accompanied with collard greens and black-eyed peas.

While the batter surely was light and crispy, it was too salty and the tiny bones made me slightly uncomfortable - a constant reminder of the "babyiness" of the chicken who gave its life just to be cooked too salty. hrm...

The Braised Short Ribs were served very awkwardly. I am used to short ribs served in a pool a delicious broth making it tender and sweet, falling off the bone.

These short ribs were served dry on a plate - sliced thin with little to no flavor or juice. And a bit on the chewy side.

They were unlike any short rib I've had. And not in a good way.

The Wild Mushroom Bisque was delicious, but again, the portion was tiny. Plus I had a choice between a $6 cup and an $8 bowl. Splurging, I went for the bowl. Now if this was a bowl, I'm not sure what the cup was - a shot glass?

Overall, I was unimpressed with Bussaco from start to finish - the decor was a bit "chain restaurant" like for my tastes, from the over-arching red theme, to the laminated menus, to even the font used. It all seemed a bit pedestrian for the type of cuisine and prices charged.

When you have such great options around the corner on 5th Ave - including the aforementioned Stone Park Cafe, Blue Ribbon, Rose Water...Park Slope has much more to offer than Bussaco.

833 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn

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