October 6, 2008

Good Enough To Eat - Serious Home Cookin...

Good Enough to EatGood Enough To Eat - What a name? With a restaurant name like that, it better be good. And Good Enough To Eat certainly lives up to its moniker.

I recently trekked up to the Upper West Side to have brunch at Good Enough To Eat.

It was worth the trek. Home cooking at its best - I think it gives a lot of the wannabes around the city a run for their money.

Serving up classic breakfast food (not brunch, but true good'ole breakfast), think pancakes, waffles, french toast, and eggs, eggs, eggs.

Pancakes come with anything from Apple Pancakes, Banana Walnut, and Peter Paul Pancakes - this is Belgian chocolate with coconut.... to the classic LumberJack combo with bacon and scramble eggs.

As for the waffles - they have many options, but you know which one caught my eye: Bacon Waffles. Could there be anything more heavenly???

Now we get to the eggs....they take their eggs seriously. Favorites include the Deep South - scrambled eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy. Yummmmmmm........my arteries may be clogged up, but after that a dish like that, I can die knowing I lived a full and happy life.

So I'm sure Good Enough To Eat, is "Good enough to eat" anytime of the day, but I love breakfast and when I think of comfort home cookin I think of breakfast. On a future trip I'll try dinner and let you know how it is, but until then...go here for some good farmstyle breakfast - you won't be disappointed.

One thing to note however - the restaurant is crowded and there is usually a wait on weekends. The wait takes the form of a physical line outside the restaurant, so if it's raining beware. You will be waiting in the rain. Now this could be a good thing because it might detract others from coming and your wait will be close to none...

But, with food like this, don't count on a little rain scaring away the masses. We're tough New Yorkers who do anything for our food - So put on those rainboots and settle in for the long haul.

See ya there!
(picture from citysearch)

Good Enough To Eat
483 Amsterdam Ave, NY, NY 10024

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