August 8, 2008

Magnolia - Is the Sex and the City hype worth it?

Magnolia was made famous by Sex and the City - actually I think they only really filmed one scene there with Carrie and Miranda eating cupcakes on a bench seemingly outside of Magnolia. However, I don't actually think that bench exists there...hrmm...

Anyhow, is it really worth waiting in that line around the block? Are the cupcakes that good? My verdict: Yes....but the banana pudding is even better.

After years of only eating the cupcakes (I am an admitted cupcakoholic), I finally tried the infamous banana pudding a couple of weeks ago.

It was delicious.

And I don't even like pudding.

Or mushy bananas really.

But, Magnolia's blend of heavy cream, cake and bananas somehow becomes magical. So good that I had it on Saturday and on Sunday!

So yes, it is worth that wait around the block...but lucky for us Magnolia has opened a new location on the Upper West Side in a much larger space, with a party room. So watch out, pretty soon it will be overrun by NYC moms and their socialite kiddies.

But for now I recommend trekking to the new locale on the UWS when in need for a fix quick of banana pudding or red velvet cupcakes.

However, if you do have the time to kill...the visit to the original West Village shop often turns up classic celebrity sightings...

Did I mention I had one of the last pre-robot Katie Holmes sightings there circa April 2005 (gasp...right before her coming out party with Tom!)

...maybe the next time I'll see Suri!

Magnolia Bakery
West Village
401 Bleecker St. New York, NY

Upper West Side
200 Columbus Ave. New York, NY

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