August 27, 2008

Friend of a Farmer - Country Bumpkin Meets City Slicker

Friend of a Farmer
Friend of a Farmer is the brunch place of choice for yuppie Manhattanites who want to pretend they are back at the farm...even though they've probably never been anywhere more than 20 miles from the coast. Either coast.

Friend of a Farmer is located in a country house on Irving Place with two floors -you actually feel like you are eating at a B&B you might find upstate.

Serving up classic brunch food from eggs to pancakes brought sizzling in a cast-iron skillet, your stomach is guaranteed to be filled to the brim.

Omelettes are served with country potatoes - a favorite is the Country Omelette with bacon, cheddar and potatoes. Pancakes - I go with the Old Fashion Pumpkin Pancakes - a slight twist on your traditional pancake.
Chicken Pot Pie
The chicken pot pie is also to die for - a perfectly flaky crust that is perfect for scooping up all the gooey goodness.

For the legions of skinny girls there with their hungover boyfriends, there is the requisite Smoked Salmon Platter or Granola.

While Friend of a Farmer is a good choice when you want some good country cooking, the wait for brunch on the weekends can be unbearable - especially on hot summer days and cold winter mornings. You wait in a line outside...catch my drift?

Tip - go in small groups, tables larger than 2 can be harder to come by and you might get angry seeing the twosomes continuously bypass you in line.

I know, life can be so unfair sometimes.

Friend of a Farmer
77 Irving Place, New York, NY

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