August 7, 2008

Extra Virgin - Just for the Girls?

Extra VirginSo I went to Extra Virgin last week with a girlfriend. I was not the only one with the same thought...

Everywhere I turned, the tables were full of girls on a date. Not that kind of date...the Sex and the City kind of date - girls going on a "girls only" date.

Is this place destined to be a girls only hangout?

What is it about this place that attracts us in droves? It definitely is chic, has a lot of fish dishes with a Mediterannean flair (so that has to mean it's more healthy, right?)...And every so often you do get the celebrity sighting.

After all, it is right in the heart of the West Village.

Overall, I thought the food was pretty good - definitely above average. The monkfish in lobster chowder was particularly nice. The ambience was casual, yet trendy.

Just make sure you have on your latest purchase from and you are all set to go!
(picture from Nicolas Goldberg for The New York Times)

Extra Virgin
259 West 4th New York, NY

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