August 7, 2008

Decibel - Dreams of Tokyo...

Sake Bar Decibel in the east village is a true gem.

Located on the corner of 9th and 2nd ave (right by Max Brenner's), you have to walk downstairs where you enter a hidden sake bar, authentic and true to Japan. It's a tiny space, and the wait can be unpredictable, but it's worth it.

One of the first bars I went to when I moved to NYC in 2003, I've been a devoted customer ever since, bringing new and old friends alike to taste the dozens of sake, drink sweet plum wine, finishing off with a plate of lychees.

While it is mostly a sake bar, Decibel does serve small bites to eat, mostly Japanese treats, both salty and sweet.

Mostly though, I go for the decor, the atmosphere and the relaxed and chill vibe from the wait staff to the customers.

It's a place to escape, where anyone and everyone can fit in - from hipsters to wallstreet boys. No one cares what you wear, what you look like, where you work, or how much you make....a breath of fresh air in Manhattan.

Although it does remain somewhat hidden...unfortunately its mention in Gossip Girl last season has made it more mainstream. (picture from

240 E. 9th, New York, NY

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