August 7, 2008

Cafe Ronda - Best Baked Eggs

This is a really cute, totally unpretentious spot serving great Argentinian food on the Upper West Side - which by the way is becoming the new happening area for good food! Did I mention there's a Magnolia there that almost never has a wait? ...You too can get your banana pudding in under 5 minutes!

Back to Cafe Ronda....

I stumbled into this find a couple years ago on New Year's Day after taking a leisurely stroll up Columbus avenue. Little did I know I would soon be eating the best baked eggs ever!

Baked eggs with argentine sausage...baked crisp on top with cheese, inside gooey and runny with sausage and onions....need I say more?

Other notables include the Ronda eggs - poached eggs over grilled bread , doused in a spicy tomato sauce, and their pressed sandwiches - the Chipotle and Dijon are faves.

Best thing about this place- totally affordable, and never too long of a wait! The perfect place to go when you want good food without the hassle.

Cafe Ronda
249 Columbus Ave. New York, NY

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